Melt a Mic Hole in a Kick Drum Head

by Isaac on 07.06.2012

You might have a kick drum head that doesn’t have a mic hole, and for whatever reason, you want one. My band recently moved into a new practice space where there is a beat up old drum set. The drum set only had heads without the hole, so I have been playing it without a front head for recordings. It doesn’t feel quite the same, so I opted to make my own hole, rather than go buy a needlessly expensive piece of gear. Cutting a hole creates jagged, less visually-appealing edges that are prone to tears, so here is a quick technique that should work in most situations.

My old drum teacher told me about this technique many years ago, and I never thought I would use it. Well, here I am, trying to save some coin and doing exactly that. It worked okay. If I could do it again I would be more careful and slow, so I melt an even circle. I botched it a little and only partially melted one part, ripping a small tear in the head, which I later fixed with gorilla tape. It looks and works fine, for now, but it could have been smoother. If I botched it in the same way, I would have used a knive to cut away the tiny piece that was keeping the plastic from coming out, rather than trying to tear it off, like I did. Below is the video of me trying the technique. It’s easy, and knowing what I know now, I am confident I could do it better in the future. The only real downside is that my kitchen smelled like burning plastic for about an hour after I did it.

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