Alex’s Hand has Changed

by Isaac on 10.28.2012

I don’t want to make a habit of reviewing the same bands that I’ve already covered when there are so many others out there that are going ignored. However, I feel compelled to write an update on Alex’s Hand because they are no longer the same band that they used to be.

You may remember my old review of Alex’s Hand. Honestly, at the time of that writing, they played a poor show, and I tried to be general about them, having seen them play a couple of times before. Also, their style was rather sloppy at the time, so highlighting positive things about the band was a stretch. Still, you got the idea.

Alex’s Hand has changed. Their original guitarist left a while ago, and was replaced by 2 guitarists and a keyboard player. The musical arrangements are far more developed now, and the volume is turned down. I said that they were a some kind of jazzy hybrid before, but now I would say the genre is more straight jazz and progressive. The dissonance that their former guitarist brought to the table is mostly erased. So too is the crazy man in the underwear act. However, they are not devoid of weirdness. It’s still very much there in the quick twists and turns in their songs, and the strange masks on their faces.

One thing that keeps me going back to Alex’s hand is the cerebral nature of their music. I’ve probably heard 5 different versions of any song in their set. There aren’t many bands playing in Seattle that challenge the indie rock pop sound that gets radio play these days.

For anybody that is trying to get a taste of something experimental that won’t hypnotize you with white noise, Alex’s Hand might be your ticket. They’ve evolved more than any local band I’ve become familiar with, and the change is like night and day. If you checked them out in the past, but it wasn’t your thing, check again. Short of a name change, it’s a completely different band.

Their new EP is out for download here, though it was made while they were in the middle of this personal transition. It is not a good representation of the live they play these days, but it is worth checking out, nonetheless.

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