by Isaac on 11.09.2015

I still get a lot of emails from people requesting that I go to their shows or write a review of their album. This blog is no longer active. As much as I like getting offered a chance to go see a band play, I don’t write about it anymore.

This blog was a lot of fun to maintain for a while, but the amount of effort I put into it was kind of exhausting. I love to write and want any content that I produce to be top-notch. That was fine when I didn’t have a lot going on, but right now, I’m playing in 3 bands, working on converting a school bus into an RV, and building a business. I still go to shows, but I can’t justify setting aside the time to write blog entries about it when there are higher-priority projects to be done. I did make a little bit of money from this blog, but it was hobby money, not career money.

I tell myself that I will do anything as long as it meets one or more of the following criteria:

1) It has to be fun.
2) I have to be learning something.
3) It helps me make money.

Unfortunately, as fun as this blog was, I’ve had to cut it from my routine as I’ve set my sights on other interesting projects.

Thanks to everybody that has been interested in my posts, and thanks to all of the bands that have invited me to their shows. I felt elated whenever anybody complimented me on my work or asked me to review their band. As a writer, there’s nothing more uplifting than receiving positive feedback from people about what you’re writing, and being asked to write more. Your support kept this blog going.

Thanks Again,
-Isaac Rivelle

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